“The Rose’s Rarest Essence Lives in the Thorns” – Rumi

I’m really tired and I promised myself I would write this blog. It seemed in my present exhaustion, I could not think of a damn thing to write about! I really prefer to write from inspiration. I was thinking I would write about the holidays, the fight I saw in a restaurant parking lot at lunchtime, or the upcoming solstice and full moon. None of these ideas were taking shape or flowing smoothly. Rumi to the rescue!! I pulled out my 365 Selected Quotes – Rumi book and did what I usually do, I opened it up to a page hoping to come upon some inspiration, which I did! I  fanned the pages a few times and opened to page 34.  This quote jumped off the page, “The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns.”  It made me think of the shadow work I do with myself and my clients. We have many thorns which are part of our humanity. Many of us try to push these parts aside which causes separation and division within us. We are meant to be whole. Just like the rarest essence of the rose lives in the thorns, the raw material for your power lives in your shadow. We need both parts to be all of who we are. When we make our “thorns” conscious, we no longer act them out. We own ourselves. There is so much power in that. We release ourselves from victimhood and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.  When we shine the light of consciousness on our thorns/darkness, we become more aligned with our essence.  Learn to love your thorns and blossom in the fullness of the rose you are meant to be. You may just find some treasures in there!!

From my heart to yours, wishing you Happy Holidays.



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