I believe all healing starts with Self.  When we address and heal our own blocks, belief systems and fears, we begin to know and understand our internal terrain, thereby allowing us to hold space for another’s healing. I have been on the Spiritual Warrior’s Path for many years and continue to walk that path by committing to my own personal healing and growth. I have been studying and teaching mind/body modalities including Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Intuitive Development and Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing. I am passionate about sharing this work because it has provided me with core healing in my own life which has allowed me to step more fully into living, relationships and my work.

I’m here to help others who are feeling out of alignment with themselves and their lives. Using the many modalities available to me through my personal and professional development and training, I help others reconnect to SELF as I teach and empower them to step into a more meaningful, joyful life.

I walk alongside you through a process in which you FEEL your experiences, both past and present on a deep, visceral level; DEAL with the energetic blocks, issues and consequences related to your experience; and truly HEAL old wounds that you may not have even known were there, by bringing mind, body and spirit together,  being present to the process, which is the road to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Together we FEEL, DEAL, and HEAL to a life filled with more peace, purpose and joy.

I bring my depth, humor and heart to our work.

I look forward to taking this deeply sacred and healing journey with you! Please contact me here to set up a complimentary call to explore how we might start this journey.

My curiosity with holistic modalities began back in the late 90’s when my own life was spiraling out of control. As a mother to three young children, working full-time in a law firm as an office manager/paralegal, in a failing marriage, completely disconnected from myself, I began searching for meaning and purpose in my life. Wow, it has been some journey and I have walked through the fires of hell to heal and claim myself! I was separated from my husband and almost divorced when he died. No life insurance, 3 young children, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, quit my full-time job and began studying yoga which was my lifeline during those challenging years. I have endured divorce, death, betrayal, raising children alone, children with learning disabilities, it goes on and on…..yet, I have been blessed with this amazing Spirit and passion for life and helping others.

I have been studying Gestalt Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing since 2007 with Hartford Family Institute. Since graduation from this program, I continue my studies as an assistant in the program. My background is also deeply rooted in Yogic Philosophy, Mindfulness Based Practices, Intuitive Healing Practices, Native American Imagery and the wisdom of your own body and spirit to facilitate healing and guidance.


              • Yoga for Cancer & Chronic Illness – Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, Va (yogaville.org2011
              • Finding Inner Peace Yoga School – Hatha Certification 2002
              • E. Institute of Reflexology & Universal Studies – Massage Therapy Licensed 2002

Research Project

              • Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Brockton, MA
              • Yoga Therapist for 2 year research project – Yoga for Older Veterans with Cancer

Volunteer Work

              • MS Society – Adaptive Yoga Volunteer Instructor
              • Lucy-s Love Bus – Yoga & Massage Therapy for children with cancer