I spent the weekend in Minneapolis finishing up a 9-month Intuitive Healer Apprenticeship Program. So many of you are fascinated by this. I have received several messages asking about this concept of developing intuition. Not sure if this will feel like good news or bad news. We all have intuition. We can all develop our unique expression of our intuition.  How, you ask? We need to heal our blocks and wounds around our intuition. We can consult people to tell us about our gifts and our lives. That can sometimes lead to us turning over our power to another person. In the work I do, I help you into your own body to connect with your own intuition and your own ability to heal. I want to help you develop and own your own power. In the work I do, we utilize the chakras as an entry/exit point.


Healing our trauma, blocks and wounds so that we can more fully embody ourselves can sometimes be and feel easy and other times, not so much. It is a process that can heal us to the cellular/molecular level. It can actually, shift and change the expression of our DNA. Our blocks live in our body; the cells, organs, tissues. If you want to be healthier on any level, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, healing your Self of wounds, traumas and belief systems that have been passed down to you, will greatly enhance your intuitive abilities. What sometimes looks and feels like magic is actually is rooted in science.


To be the highest expression of your Self on this earth, you must clear those blocks. We all have them. You are what you believe you are. Humans are magicians, in that we can awaken to our divinity. Within our divinity lies endless possibilities of living heaven on earth. Here’s to your healing and the development of your own intuitive abilities!

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