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Lit From Within With Tina Walsh

I have created this Facebook group to offer free resources, information, education and support, to help you live into the amazing soul that you are; to become the best version of yourSELF which leads to an Empowered Life!

Through my own healing journey of over twenty-five years, I have discovered the necessary methods to uncover what is stopping you from doing the inner work which leaves you feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, lost or anxious; to name a few. True empowerment comes from going inward and giving yourself what you need which is self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance.

I have been in the healing arts as a teacher, counselor, coach for twenty years. I have helped thousands of courageous men and women find the truth of who they are beyond their career, body or degrees. I have guided them into themselves, as that is where our power and answers lie.

My life’s work has become helping others find their inner truth, strength and power. I provide a safe, nurturing and loving space for people to uncover what beliefs may be holding them back from living an empowered life, lit from the inside, out.

I reside outside of Boston on a reservoir with my pooch Amber.

I have three grown children whom I love dearly that reside locally and have been my best teachers! When not counseling, coaching, writing, speaking, or teaching, I can be found creating in the kitchen! One of my greatest passions is sharing in the ritual of a home-cooked meal. I must feed the people. On a good day, you will find me preparing an epic, healthy meal. On a bad day, I might have my head buried in a bag of corn chips!

To create a culture of warmth and belonging for all:

Please use this space as intended, be considerate of others, communicate with respect and act responsibly. Please refrain from giving advice, promoting yourself or political banter. I exercise the right to remove you from the group if you do not follow the rules of engagement.

I look forward to seeing you in our community ~ Lit From Within With Tina Walsh!

Love and Light,