Get to know my colleague Karen Benz as she guest blogs and tells you about her perspective on our upcoming trip to Greece!

~I’m Going to Athens and the Greek Islands, and You Can Come Too!~

My friend and colleague, Tina Walsh, and I have been planning this trip for 6 months.  What
seemed like a dream to me only a short time ago has turned into a genuine opportunity for
personal and professional growth, change, and adventure!

The Back Story

Tina asked to meet me for lunch one-day last summer.  She said she had been thinking about
the international trips she has been organizing for years.  She has taken groups of women to
Iceland, Italy, Costa Rica, and India.  Tina has developed an unusual “twist” for the trips by
adding self-care (daily yoga and meditation) and a community service project in the host
country.  She told me she had an idea, and asked if I was I open to hearing it….(read more)

Where do I Sign Up?!

Once she told me it was all I could do to not jump up and down!   Her idea was to add
professional development discussions and Mastermind groups to the trip.  Tina had been a
participant in several of my discussion groups, including the Mastermind group, and thought it
would be a wonderful addition to round out her “travel with a twist” series.  From this discussion
and subsequent planning, SHEE Travel (with Karen Benz and Tina Walsh as your hosts) was
born.  SHEE (Self-Care, Health, Empowerment and Excellence) addresses the many different
layers of our lives as women.  We need to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally / mentally, and spiritually. The trips organized by Karen and Tina, on behalf of SHEE Travel, will achieve just that.

Back to This Amazing Trip

    • We are taking 15 women (one could be YOU!) to Athens, and the Greek Islands of Santorini
      and Crete for a beautiful, memorable journey.  During this trip, you will experience:
    • daily yoga and meditation
    • adventures and excursions exploring Athens and the beautiful Greek Islands
    • delicious food and drink, including a cooking lesson!
    • a dance class teaching us traditional Greek dancing
    • professional development discussions on topics of interest to you
    • a community service project during our trip (one afternoon)
    • the opportunity to receive input on issues and challenges that hold you back through our Mastermind Process

All activities will be against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery around us.  Classes will be
held outdoors whenever and wherever possible.  Click on the link below for more detailed
information on the cost and itinerary.  The dates of the trip are from June 15th – June 24th,
2018. Let us know of your interest to join the trip today!