Dancing for Mind, Body, and Soul

Wow, I just got home from facilitating a Journey Dance. I feel like I can do anything! Talk about expansive energy!! That’s what this movement provides me- a sense of incredible opening and freedom! Dance has been part of my life for about the past ten years. I am trained in 2 models, Shake Your Soul and Journey Dance. I have really been dancing consistently for about these last two years and holy shit, do I find it life-affirming!

There’s so much research out there on the benefits of dance for so many things: dementia, MS, Parkinson’s, agility…this list goes on and on!  Soooo… you think you can’t dance? This is not formal dance moves. This is listening to the music and allowing your body to move organically the way it wants to! Our bodies hold so much wisdom. Journey Dance is listening to that wisdom and allowing it to inform your movements. How easy is that?  As we allow our bodies to move in ways that they want to, we begin to release old stored patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. That is my life’s work- to hold space for people to heal themselves! Yeah, I am not healing you. YOU are healing you! One of the ways to accomplish that is on the dance floor. I SWEAR!!  Sound too good to be true? Imagine spending an hour and a half on the dance floor with like-minds working to free yourself from your self-imposed limitations? It’s AWESOME!!

In my own work/play on the dance floor, I have danced my joy, I have danced my grief, my anger, my broken-heartedness, my fear, my wholeness…I have danced the whole freakin’ beautiful mess of who I am- which is everything! You are too! You are everything!!

I have danced …the whole freakin’ beautiful mess of who I am- which is everything!

Come explore yourself of the dance floor. I promise you will learn things about yourself you never knew. You will connect to yourSELF in a way you never thought possible.

I have this belief that I can’t write. I just wrote this whole piece right after my class! The dance opened me up to my words, my self-expression, my truth and it allowed me to share it with you. Here’s to your opening on the dance floor!!

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