Summer Workshop Series

Our Popular Workshop Series is Back!

$50.00 per Workshop


$180.00 for the Series


Each of these workshops will be experiential in nature.  All will include introductory material, meditation and discussion.  Whether you are seasoned or a beginner, you are sure to leave with some new understanding or experience.  You can take the classes individually or as a series.

Week 1: Develop Your Intuition-  Wednesday, August 1st 6:30- 9pm

Intuition is something we all have in this class we will learn how to still the mind so that we can connect to our intuition, which lives in the body. Utilizing meditation we will learn how to recognize and better access our intuition.

Purchase Your Seven Chakras Workshop Only – August 1, 2018 

Week 2: Your Seven Chakras-  Wednesday, August 8th 6:30- 9pm

In this workshop we will learn where each of the seven major chakras are located and what their meanings are in relationship with our life. We will do a healing chakra meditation to clear blocks and help us to leave with our chakras in alignment

Purchase Your Seven Chakras Workshop Only – August 8th, 2018 

Week 3: Working with the Angelic Realm-  Wednesday, August 15th 6:30- 9pm

This workshop helps you to open up and invoke the angelic realm for healing and guidance in our lives. The angels are always present you must just remember to ask for their help.

Purchase “Working with the Angelic Realm” only – August 15th, 2018 

Week 4: Animal Totems for Healing-  Wednesday, August 22nd 6:30- 9pm

Animal totems have been used for healing in many indigenous cultures. Through meditation, you will meet your personal animal totem to assist you in your own personal healing.

Purchase “Animal Totems for Healing” only – August 22nd, 2018 


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All Four Workshops: Summer Workshop Series Weeks 1-4

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For more information, please call 508-208-8037 or email

Classes will be held at Tina’s Home in Norton. Address will be provided upon registration