Tuesday Evening Yoga Therapy

Class for Mind, Body, & Spirit

Delivered via Zoom from 6:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. EDT

Come discover the transformative power of yoga as we embark on a holistic journey to enhance both your mental and physical well-being. Our Yoga Therapy class is designed to provide you with personalized guidance and practices that promote healing, relaxation, and balance. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, managing chronic pain, or simply aiming to improve your overall quality of life, this class offers a safe and supportive environment to explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Class Overview:

In this Yoga Therapy class, you will learn and experience:

  1. Breath-Centered Awareness: Begin each session by cultivating a deeper connection with your breath, fostering mindfulness and relaxation to promote a sense of calm.
  2. Gentle Asana (Physical Postures): Practice a sequence of gentle, therapeutic yoga postures that are tailored to address specific concerns such as joint mobility, flexibility, and muscle tension. These postures are accessible to all levels.
  3. Mindfulness and Meditation: Explore mindfulness techniques and guided meditation to enhance your mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and encourage self-awareness. These practices empower you to cultivate a tranquil mind and a greater sense of presence.
  4. Yogic Relaxation: Experience the profound benefits of deep relaxation through guided body scan practices. This helps release physical and emotional tension, leading to rejuvenation and enhanced well-being.
  5. Stress Management: Learn practical tools to manage stress through yoga, including breathwork, progressive muscle relaxation, and gentle movement that promote the body’s relaxation response.
  6. Self-Inquiry and Self-Care: Engage in self-reflective exercises and discussions that encourage a deeper understanding of your individual needs. Develop a personalized self-care plan that incorporates yoga practices into your daily routine.
  7. Supportive Community: Connect with fellow participants in a nurturing and inclusive environment, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth.


  • Nervous System Healing
  • Alleviate physical discomfort and pain
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Improve flexibility, balance, and posture
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus
  • Cultivate self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Develop tools for managing emotions and challenges
  • Foster a sense of overall well-being and vitality

Who Should Attend:

This Yoga Therapy class is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who are seeking a holistic approach to well-being. It is especially beneficial for those dealing with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, physical limitations, or anyone interested in exploring the therapeutic potential of yoga.

Join us on this transformative journey toward optimal health and vitality. Uncover the profound connection between mind, body, and Spirit, as you integrate the wisdom of yoga into your daily life. No prior yoga experience is necessary—just an open heart and a willingness to explore your inner landscape.

Tuesday Evening Class

June 2024 Series 
Dates: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, and 6/25

6:30 p.m.  –  7:45 p.m. EDT

Cost: $80.00 for 4-week series

Cash or check
Venmo: @Christina-Walsh-12
Zelle: 508-208-8037

Note: No make-up classes should you miss class.

Call Tina at 508-208-8037 or email with any questions!

Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga helps reduce anxiety. Research indicates that anxiety is created when your energy is held in the upper part of your body. Private Yoga Therapy sessions encompasses breath work, movement, postures, meditation, and relaxation tailored to your specific needs to help you ground your energy.

Tina holds special certifications in:
* Yoga Therapy for Cancer and Chronic Illness
* Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Mats, Blocks, Straps, Pillows, Blankets and Water are provided. Wear comfortable clothing.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 508-208-8037 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:


Tina’s classes help me achieve my goal of ultimate health in mind and body. The power of movement, breathing and meditation have far reaching benefits.

May the long time sun shine upon you,
all love surround you
and the pure light within you,
guide your way on. 

Sunshine Prayer