Massage Therapy

LaStone Massage

LaStone Massage ( combines massage with smooth, hot and cold stones to relieve stiffness and soreness. The heat and energy from the stones create new circulation patterns and relieves congestion of muscles and internal organs, resulting in a deeper massage that leaves you truly relaxed. (This is my favorite Massage to both give and receive)!

What to Expect: LaStone massage is beautifully ritualistic. It begins with the opening of the chakras, aromatherapy, the placement of hot and cold stones on the body, and massaging the body with the stones. We end with a closing of the chakras, burning sage around the body to clear the energy field and balancing of the cerebral spinal fluid with a crystal wand & sound.

Location: Tina’s Home: Norton, MA (address provided upon registration) or your home.


For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call Tina at 508-208-8037 or email