Body-Centered Therapy

Are you looking for peace and fulfillment? Feeling lost and out of sorts?

I understand because I was once there.

Lots of times we are frustrated, and even disheartened, by our external circumstances. Would you believe me if I told you that the work always begins with self? It really does! As we go within and uncover limiting beliefs and blocks in our energy, and we tend to them through the use of talk, imagery, and mindfulness, we begin to heal those places. As we heal these internal places, our external circumstances begin to change.

“As within, so without.”
~ Socrates

What to expect:

During our sessions, we will work together to create a safe and trusting relationship which allows for authentic, honest sharing. We will explore where you are unable to move forward or maybe where you see repetitive patterns that hold you back. We’ll use talk, mindfulness, imagery and connection to begin to shift those patterns or blocks.

This practice will help you build emotional supports that enhance your aliveness and feelings of confidence. You will learn to make room for your power, clarity of vision and passion. We will create a space to support your dreams so that love (particularly self-love) can blossom, allowing you to reach even beyond what you thought was possible.

Well-being is an inward journey.  As you change, heal the blocks, and alter your internal limiting beliefs, the outward landscape of your life changes.


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