Exploring Potential in

Your Human Design Gene Keys!

with Astrologer Claudia Trivelas and Holistic Wellness Expert Tina Walsh

Saturday, November 23, 2019

11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


The Story of You ~ A Human Design Workshop!
The Human Design Gene Keys can shed light on important aspects of your soul’s imprint from the deepest fear-based patterns to the most awe-inspiring possibilities in your DNA. You give yourself the extraordinary gift of self-empowerment when you operate from a place of knowing who you truly are… stripped from the influence of outside conditioning which is so strong & invasive these days.
In this workshop, Tina Walsh will offer a powerful healing, clearing & grounding Chakra Meditation… followed by a healthy light lunch. After lunch, Claudia Trivelas will present information about the Human Design Gene Keys and each person will receive personalized information on their primary Gene Keys… those Gene Keys that influence what you are here to do, what you are here to learn, what keeps you healthy & what fulfills you the most.
Human Design is a study based upon ancient & modern sciences including Astrology, the
I-Ching, the Charkra System & the Kabbalah, and neutrinos which are energetic particles that make up the Universe.
Like astrology, the Human Design chart is based on birth information that includes the birth date, birth time & birth place.
*** Please provide this information when you register for the workshop so the personalized information can be provided to you.


Cost: $60.00

Event will be held at Tina’s home in Norton, Ma
(address provided upon registration)
When registering, please provide Date, place and time of birth.

Price: $60.00

Cost includes lunch, snacks, and beverages.
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