Drum Making with Alan StoneWolf

The drum is a part of native heritage from tribal cultures all over the world. This single-sided drum is crafted using a wooden hoop or frame and a stretched rawhide head and lacing. Covered on only one side, the back is laced to form the symbol of a medicine wheel with the four cardinal directions that also serve as a handhold. Great for drumming circles and meditation!
In this workshop you will be supplied everything you need to create your own frame drum and accompanying beater. While you are making your creations Alan will teach you the care and feeding of your drum, as well as how to use them in healing and cleansing ceremonies. There will be music and drumming throughout the day.

We will begin with a Drum Journey to connect to the Heartbeat of the Drum, and then start the process of creating our drums and beaters. After creating the drum, we’ll celebrate its birth with a special ceremony. Birthing a drum is an intense process, one not easily forgotten. The drum face can later be painted with your Animal Totem or designs. You can also personalize the drum with beads and feathers to strengthen the connection with your drum.

Saturday, June 30th

10:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Tina’s House*

Address Given Upon Registration

Drum Making Workshop with Alan Stonewolf

Cost & Materials: $195 includes all materials for a 16” diameter Elk and Maple drum and drumstick. All other materials will be provided and are included in the price of the workshop. If you have some special beads or feathers which you’d like to decorate your drum you may also bring them.
Food & Beverage will also be Provided
**$50 Deposit & Early Registration Required**

By June 23rd

Purchase $50 Deposit Only – June 30th

Purchase $195 Full Payment – Drum Making Saturday, June 30th

For more information, please call 508-208-8037 or email tina@tinawalshhealing.com

Workshop will be held at Tina’s Home in Norton. Address will be provided upon registration

Drum Making Workshop with Alan Stonewolf

Alan Stonewolf is deeply committed to helping humans find and fulfill their highest truth. He is a gifted intuitive trained in the art of Sacred Sound Transmission and Shamanic Traditions. He is also certified in hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki, Shambala, and Magnetic Healing. Alan is a life-long musician and has been pursuing spiritual exploration for over 20 years. With his music, sacred sounds, and rhythmic explorations, he creates a sacred space for others to experience empowerment, awakening, and integration of the authentic self.

Alan’s Love of the Sacred Heartbeat of the drum ultimately led him to the creation of his own blend of Native American style frame and Ceremonial drums through years of exploration. With many drums to share came the beauty and Magic of that which is discovered within group participation.

He and his colleague’s sessions weave a deep tapestry of powerful vibration, with intention, awareness, transformation, and healing for all involved. Some of the schools, teachers and mentors Alan has worked with include: Master sound healer, Zacciah Blackburn PHD./Center of Light in Vt. , Yvonne Piete /Order of Melchizedek, Sandra Ingerman, Four Winds, Michael Stone and others.