Chakra 101

What and where are my chakras? You hear about chakras more and more these days. If you don’t really know what and where they are, let me quell your curiosity!!

Chakras are thought to originate in Hinduism. They are defined as wheels of spinning light and are considered to be part of the subtle (non-physical) body. I think of my chakras not only as my energetic anatomy but also a vehicle through which I can heal my limiting beliefs and old childhood programming that is no longer serving me.

We have 7 major chakras that make-up our energy body and they are located along the spine. Chakras have been part of my learning and teaching for almost 20 years, as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Gestalt Body-Centered Psychotherapist. As I continue my personal healing journey, I continue to learn more and more about each chakra. For the sake of keeping it simple, I am going to provide an overview of each of the chakras for you.

Each chakra has a sound, color, location, element, correlation to the physical body and psychological issues.

Click on the tabs below to see each chakra’s unique quality:


First Chakra

  • Sound – UGH
  • Color – Ruby Red
  • Location – Base of the spine at the tailbone
  • Element – Earth Grounding
  • Energy in Physical Body – Spine, rectum, legs, bones, feet and immune system
  • Issues – Security, grounding, fear, existence, belonging, trust

Your chakras work together; a dance if you will. Sometimes our issues affect more than one chakra. We are like onions and our healing has many, many layers. The purpose of this article is to provide you with basic information to help you understand your energetic anatomy. Want more? Have questions? Please let me know!  Here’s to our healing!! When we heal ourselves, we help to heal the planet!!

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