Tina Walsh and Kristen Walsh join forces to present…


Aromatherapy 101 Certification Workshop!

You will:
* Learn about essential oils and how they can benefit your overall wellness!
* Discover the 5 Essential Oil must haves!
* Tina Walsh and Kristen Walsh guide you in creating an invigorating facial spray and roller ball tailored to your individual needs!
* Enjoy healthy and nutritious snacks!
* Receive an Aromatherapy 101 Certificate of Completion and special gift!
Did you know that the art of Aromatherapy and blending of essential oils can reduce stress and anxiety, keep you healthy, address skin conditions, provide pain relief, and help you clean and refresh your home without harmful chemicals?
Join us for an informative, fun, fragrant-filled workshop!
Date: October 3, 2020
Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Place: The Water’s Edge, Norton, MA
Registration Fee: $99
Please email Tina or Kristen to inquire about this Certification Workshop!
Tina: tina@lighten-upwellness.com
Kristen: kmw62984@aol.com
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About Tina Walsh

Tina Walsh, founder of Lighten-up Wellness, has been inspiring hearts and souls to grow and evolve into the best version of themselves. Tina’s gift and intuition guides you through the profound change. You’ll identify, make sense, own, release, transform, change behavioral patterns, and create mindfulness to move forward towards the greatest potential of your best SELF.

About Kristen Walsh

Kristen Walsh is a Master Hair Stylist and Salon Suite Owner in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Kristen fiercely enjoys her trade and is sure to bring the inner beauty of her guests forward! Kristen values continuing education and growing herself personally and professionally. Essential oils have significantly impacted her life ~ physically and mentally! Kristen fell passionately in love with Doterra Essential Oils several years ago and enjoys sharing the healing powers of essential oils with others.