January 2020 Mind and Body Detox Program

Is it Time to Give your Mind and Body a Detox Cleanse?

While the holidays are a wonderful time of year for gathering and celebrating with family and friends, this also comes with the stress of a packed schedule, an extensive shopping list, eating and drinking treats outside of your normal diet, late nights and unusual sleep patterns. By the time you get to January, you end up feeling tired, bloated, heavier, foggy brained and addicted to sugar. Among other symptoms, it is like your body is screaming for a reset. I love a good reset! How about you? 

Instead of turning to a restrictive diet, how about a more comprehensive approach to your overall well-being?

I am excited to announce another collaboration with Maggie Dion, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Maggie helps clients eliminate annoying symptoms and imbalances by leveraging functional labs to determine the root cause. She then develops personalized protocols that use food as medicine and lifestyle changes to eliminate the root cause, alleviate symptoms,and prevent them from returning. Now it’s time for YOU to start feeling energized and fabulous!

We have joined forces to create the January Mind and Body Cleanse Program which is designed to clean out the junk that gradually accumulates in your mind and body throughout the holiday season. This means kick starting some healthy habits such as cleansing yoga and breathing practices, focusing on healthy foods, and detoxing. This is NOT a juice cleanse nor a calorie counting program that leaves you hungry or craving “real food.” Instead, it is a reset for your mind and body that will help you determine the food and habits that allow you to feel your best.
Imagine kick starting the new year relaxed with tons of energy, mental clarity, better sleep, optimal digestion, less excess body weight, and confidence in knowing the unique tools needed to make you feel your best. The program starts on January 30th.  Come reset your mind and body for 2020!!

We understand the hesitation to start “another” cleanse or detox program. So instead of taking our word, check out what one of our Mind Body Program graduates has to say about her experience:

“I have had a challenging relationship with food my whole life. I’ve done all the diets, all the programs. When I saw the promo for the detox I was immediately intrigued, but also thought “Here we go again. I cannot spend more money on another diet.” I am SO glad that I did! This was exactly what I needed! By eliminating common allergens I have experienced a disappearance of so many food cravings. I also learned what to do if those cravings reoccur so I can address the underlying cause rather than give in and continue a vicious cycle. I can sense that my body has released inflammation. Knee pain that I’ve been dealing with for months is almost gone. My energy is up and my brain fog has lifted!”
– Donna 

The program has three main components; mindfulness practice, an elimination diet, and gentle detox tools.

    1. As you start your mind and body cleansing Detox, you may dust off some old emotions and physical sensations. Tina is here to guide you through those experiences so you leave refreshed and in a place of serenity and strength. The mindfulness practice focuses on meditation, yoga practices, and breathing techniques for numerous experiences and emotions.
    2. An elimination diet that helps you to find the foods that make you feel your best is the second key component of the program. We start by eliminating common allergens and foods that are more challenging to digest. After the elimination period, we systematically add these foods back in to determine which foods make you thrive and which ones deplete your energy and cause your imbalance related symptoms.
    3. In addition to improving your digestion, we will work to reduce the toxic load that is preventing you from losing that extra weight. Maggie will introduce you to her favorite detox tools that support your body in eliminating toxins in a safe and gentle way. We will also cover tips and best practices for detoxing mentally and emotionally to reduce stress.

    Program Schedule

    Date: until January 15th


    Register for the Mind and Body Detox program before January 15th to take advantage of the reduced early bird pricing of $420.
    Due to our desire to create an intimate group with exceptional support from both Tina and Maggie, participation is limited. Registration will close as soon as we fill the group. We highly encourage you to take advantage of the discounted pricing and enjoy the peace of mind that your spot is reserved in the program.

    Date: January 15th – 29th


    Register for the January Mind and Body Detox between  January 15th – 29th at 12pm EST using the regular registration pricing of $445.00

    Date: January 29th Kick off Party

    Location: Mansfield
    *Additional information regarding the event will be shared in your Welcome Pack upon registration.

    Date: January 30 – February 3

    DetailsDays 1-5
    This phase of the program is designed for you to prepare for the elimination diet and detox program. This is a time to plan for your success, gather the material you need, and ease into the healthy habits we will be practicing together.

    Febrary 5th – Group Check-In

    Meeting to discuss solutions to any challenges you may be facing and some mindfulness practices.

    Date: February 4 – 19

    DetailsDays 6-21

    During this phase, you will be sticking to the guidelines of the elimination diet while implementing the detox tools of your choosing. Details of this phase can be found in your program materials upon registration.

    February 12th

    In-Person Event – TBD

    Date: Feb 20 – 28

    DetailsDays 22-30
    The third and final phase is when you will strategically be reintroducing foods to determine which help your body to thrive and which foods you are better off continuing to avoid. You will leave with an individual meal plan of what makes you feel your best!

    Pricing and Registration:

    January 2020 Mind & Body Detox Program – $445.00 

    Must be registered by noon, January 29th

    Due to our desire to create an intimate group with exceptional support from both Tina and Maggie, participation is limited. Registration will close as soon as we fill the group. Don’t wait! Register today.

    Early Bird Registration Pricing:

    Must register by Noon on January 15th
    Purchase Mind & Body Detox Program- $420.00

    Regular Pricing:

    Must register by Noon on January 29th
    Purchase Mind & Body Detox Program- $445.00

    Repeat Detoxer Pricing:

    Must register by Noon on  January 29th
    Purchase Mind & Body Detox Program- $150.00

    What’s Included?

      • Prep: You will gradually start to reduce unhealthy habits in a gentle and accepting way
      • Elimination Diet and Detox: You will eat a whole foods diet that is void of the most common allergens and inflammatory foods. You’ll also support the elimination of toxins through gentle movement and simple detox tools
        • Reintroduction: Now that your body has reset, you will slowly and systematically add back in the common allergen foods. This will allow you to develop an individualized meal plan for life full of the foods that make you feel your best
            • Kick Off Party to enjoy a group cooking demonstration, share in a meditation, review the program material, and answer questions.
            • Group Check-In to discuss solutions to any obstacles you may be facing, as well as building your mindfulness practice through group exercises.
            • B-Good Restaurant, School Street Crossing, Mansfield, MA – Learn how easy it is to eat healthy while out and about
              • Closing Party to reflect on your experience, draw upon your key learnings, and discuss how you can transition what you learned about your body into everyday life
        • You will have access to a closed Facebook Group forum which provides a private community with support from fellow peers going through the same experience. This forum also allows you to ask questions and share best practices, tips or recipes.
        • Daily emails from Tina and Maggie for additional support, motivation, and accountability
        • A comprehensive program guide that breaks down each step of the 3 phased elimination diet
        • THREE Mind Body guides centered on the importance of the Mind-Body connection, breathing exercises, and at home yoga practices
        • A detox guide that details how to implement the detox tools and tips for addressing any detox symptoms
        • Grocery store guide that makes filling your cart with nutrient-dense foods quick and easy
        • Recipe book full of meals and snacks that are nutrient dense and easy to pull together
        • Tools for identifying unknown food sensitivities or intolerances
        • A list of our favorite detox approved products, recommended brands and where to find them

    Meet your Program Leaders

    Tina Walsh:

    Tina has been studying and teaching about the mind/body connection for 20 years. She is a Gestalt Body-Centered Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Therapist/Teacher, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. She started on the holistic road to health and wellness when she realized her own mind, body and spirit were not in alignment. It has become her sacred work to help others find that balance.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions:
    tina@lighten-upwellness.com or (508) 208-8037

    Maggie Dion

    Maggie became passionate about holistic healing and functional nutrition after spending almost a decade struggling with a myriad of health problems. Once she regained her health and energy using a natural and holistic approach, Maggie set out to help others avoid years of symptoms and frustration. She enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, became certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), and attended the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

    Maggie uses at-home functional lab tests to pinpoint the root causes of clients’ health problems and then creates custom natural-healing protocols to restore balance and proper function. She helps people look and feel their best using natural lifestyle changes including but not limited to nutrition, detoxification, and stress relief. Maggie specializes in digestive, energy, thyroid, neurotransmitter, fertility, cardiovascular, and hormone-related imbalances.

    Learn more about Maggie’s approach to healing by visiting her website RejuvInnateNutrition.com