Full Moon –

Human Design and the Chakras Workshop

with Astrologer Claudia Trivelas and Holistic Wellness Expert Tina Walsh

When: Sunday, April 29   Time: Noon – 3:30 p.m.

Want to Harness the power of the Scorpio Full Moon with a personalized understanding of your Chakra & Life imprint?

The Human Design Bodygraph chart is based on your birth information & provides an imprint that is unique to you. In your unique chart, the Chakra centers can be activated in specific ways which influence how the energy of the Chakra is expressed. The Human Design chart is a great tool for understanding yourself in a deeper, more authentic, and intuitive way.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Type (Career Type): There are 5 Types in Human Design and they describe a person’s natural state of being and how they apply their energy in the world to interact with others and get things done.
  • Authority (Decision-Making Strategy)  This is how you are designed to make decisions.
  • Profile (Public Role): There are 12 profiles in Human Design.  These describe both how you show up in the world and how others see you.  They also describe how you are in relationships (which is really helpful for your loved ones and friends!)
  • Incarnation Cross (Life Work Theme): This gives us information about the overarching theme(s) in your life and can also be described as your purpose.

In order to provide you with your personalized Human Design Bodygraph chart, please provide your birth info (date, time, place) by April 23.


COST: $45

Includes all materials, snacks & beverages
Workshop will be held at Tina’s Home in Norton. Registration is required.