Growth, New Name, and offerings for you in the month to come!

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog!! Please know I have been plenty busy growing myself, expanding the reach of my work and offerings.
I am just finishing up my last class of my second year of advanced chakra study with renowned teacher/healer, Cyndi Dale, and also a chakra class with one of my most revered chakra teachers, Anodea Judith.
I am always deepening myself as I am committed to my own personal healing and growth which allows me to hold a very deep, sacred and safe space for your transformation.
I have also been working with a business coach, Jen Hardie for almost a year now to help me expand my business and enter the on-line world. This endeavor has, in the past, been really difficult and scary for me. However, I kept addressing my fears, limiting beliefs and blocks with my own therapist.
I am so proud of my accomplishments: creating a beautiful e-book, creating the Lit From Within FaceBook Community where I am posting each day, hosting a FB Live each week, have created and delivered three chakra webinars, wrote a chapter for a book, She is Unstoppable, am in the process of creating my first on-line chakra course. Whew! No wonder I haven’t written a blog!! LOL
I also brought myself back to mind/body dance. I realize I need to dance often. It’s a beautiful way to move, release and heal energy blocks in the system. I recently attended a 5Rhythms Workshop and realized I needed to find a space to once again offer dance. (See details) After attending that workshop, in which I danced for 3 hours, this poem came through me:
I’ve always had this passion and fire – no doubt.
My intergenerational trauma kept trying to stop it out.
It suffocated, tortured and fragmented me until I was buried in the rubble of my soul’s wreckage.
I felt like I couldn’t escape; a prisoner to my inner-turbulence and frustration……but that was not my fate.
I danced, I prayed, I wrote, I slayed one dragon after another by befriending them and spinning them into gold.
It was never about fleeing. It was about seeing – learning to feel, deal and heal.
My essence had to be excavated from all that no longer served me.
I rediscovered that passion and flame and now it is too bright to tame.
There are so many new offerings this month! Please check out our Self Discovery Workshops & Events page!