Holistic Health & Wellness Through Self-Empowerment

Welcome! I’m Tina Walsh. I work with people who are feeling out of alignment with themselves and their lives by helping them reconnect to SELF as I teach and empower them to step into a more meaningful, joyful life.

I’ve learned through personal experience, struggles and extensive training that when we effect positive, lasting change in our lives, we can manifest our hopes and dreams. I call this “Radical Aliveness” and it’s how I bring mind, body and spirit together to create the life of my dreams and to help you do the same. THIS is what I want for you!

Do you feel like something is off or not quite right in your life?

    • Are you holding yourself back but you’re not sure why?
    • Are you stuck and unable to move forward?
    • Do you have trouble relaxing?
    • Are you ready, willing and able to commit to yourself?
    • Do you need to create time & space to connect to yourself?

My Goal is to help you heal from and cope with the inevitable struggles that we all face – whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  I do this through a variety of modalities – Yoga, Counseling, Reiki, Massage and Energy Work, and Self-Discovery Workshops and Events.

I’m so glad you’re here. Please look around to explore the many ways we might work together and be sure to sign up for my email list so that we can continue to stay in touch. You will receive a free gift!


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